Malin Andersson – Art by Malin

I’ve been painting all my life and in my late teens I tried acrylics for the first time and got stuck. Since we moved to our house I’ve had the opportunity to paint a lot more in my own studio and try out some new techniques.

Stationed in Stöpen, outside Skövde in Sweden. and a lot of my inspiration comes from the forests and surroundings here while some comes from my head, pictures, tv, other people and their stories, dreams.

I live with my man and 2 children, my daily job is as a cnc-operator at Volvo GTO and at my spare time I run and do yoga for calm.

Let me know if you like what you see!

You can also find me on Instagram: @artbymalin
And please send me an e-mail if you have any questions.


  • Bomässa, Mariestad
  • Ullenehus påskmarknad, Falköping
  • Faltins Magasin, Bovallstrand
  • -Länsstyrelsen, Allékonst Mariestad
    -Samlingsutställning, Gutenbergshuset
    -Allékonst, Esplanaden


  • Sagor utan slut 3
    av Jan-Erik Ullström, 2020


  • Bomässa, Mariestad
  • Vallby sörgården, Väring
  • -Trädgårdsskolan, Allékonst Mariestad
    -Samlingsutställning, Gutenbergshuset
    -Allékonst, Esplanden


  • Bomässa, Mariestad
  • Skörde- och kulturfest, Hajstorp
  • -Murgården, Allékonst Mariestad
    -Samlingsutställning, Gutenbergshuset
    -Allékonst, Esplanden


  • Konstklubben för Volvoanställda i Skövde, 2017


  • Bomässa, Mariestad
  • Allékonst, Esplanaden, Mariestad



Allékonst, Esplanaden, Mariestad